HOME SAVERS NETWORK LLC.

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Home Savers Network has a combined total of 70 years experience in real estate investing, mortgage note assignment, insurance, risk management finance and negotiations. CEO has worked inside fortune 50 banks  and insurance company's. CitiGroup, AIG , Chase to name a few. He attended Morris Brown College, Morehouse, Clark university (AUC) in Atlanta with a Major in Business Administration, minor Insurance and finance. 

He has also worked independently with a number of adjustment firms as well as insurance company's negotiating subrogation tort feasier claims, bank CPI claims, Subro P & C claims negotiation ALSO Manufacturers Handover (foreclosure dept). he also went on to create ( CREC ) Creative Real Estate concepts... which out of that came  Buyers Sellers Network. a wing of it and Founded in 2000(online) to make it smoother to purchase and we did it as a result. Then Home Savers Network was formed in 2010 to address the current needs of homeowners today.   

We have brought industry professionals together to propose a resolution on behalf of our client and there bank. Our comprehensive proposal services puts the home owner and there bank on the same page.  We have free 800 info line, get it don or opt in for on of our proposals to secure a formal resolution. We educate our clients on staying out of foreclosure and maintaining good communication with there institution. Our team is committed to keeping family's that are impacted by this crisis in their homes. With our proposal services we are able to tailor a resolution with there bank. Our mission is to use our network of expertise to cut through the confusion between the home owners and stop the delinquency on there  mortgage thereby effecting the situation and stopping the clock." One home at a time". This website can help tailor a proposed resolution from our proposals.  We currently have network offices located in Atlanta.

 Complete free intake form to see which of our proposals fits your situation, and stop the fees from adding up with partial modifications, propose a formal resolution.